Tonelli based in Parma, Italy, are a family owned business with more than 60 years’ experience in mixing and cake process lines. The original manufacturer of the vertical planetary mixer, with more than 7,000 references worldwide & in excess of 100 mixers in the UK. The planetary mixer has a big variety of mixing tools and so has become the focus for the mixing of ambient cake, sauces, desserts, soufflé, meringue, mousse & many other products, allowing flexibility in the range of products to be mixed and absolute consistency from batch to batch.

Tonelli manufacture other mixers including various types of premixer, buffer tanks, and continuous aerating mixers. They design & manufacture sponge cake lines for the production of Swiss rolls, mini rolls, layer cake etc. Fat plasticisation plants can also be offered, combining mixing with combinations of heat exchangers.

  • Mixers

    Vertical Planetary Mixers have always been a top choice for confectionery and bakery manufacturers around the world, and Tonelli continues to deliver innovative design combined with Italian creativity. There is a huge range in capacity from 120-1300L. Robust and long lasting, the mixers can be very simple or can be integrated into complex and customised solutions. In special execution, the mixer can be steam heated and vacuum cooled and can be manufactured in high risk execution.

  • Horizontal Mixers for crackers, biscuits & cookies, hard doughs and pastries

  • Centrifugal Mixers are high production, efficient mixers, suitable for fast mixing of batters for cakes and sponge cakes, meringue premix, for homogenising and emulsifying creams and whipped creams, sauces and mayonnaise, and also fats for margarine plasticisation. The ingredients can be introduced both manually and with volumetric dosers or by using a pump, or they can be weighed via load cells.

  • Premixers – This is the classical system for batter preparation, in which mixing times are extremely fast. Mixing is obtained with small and frequent batches, in order to avoid too long resting times and so the quality of the product is optimal.

  • Continuous Aerating Mixers – The CAM machine is a continuous mixer suitable to aerate and emulsify any product that requires even structure and increased volume such as fresh cream, sponge batter and marshmallow. This is obtained through the combined action of a stator precision coupled to a rotor, both provided with whipping teeth. The stator is jacketed to allow forced circulation of cooling water.

  • Cake Process Lines

    Multiproduct Sponge Cake Lines – complete lines and worktables for layer cakes, mini-rolls, Swiss-rolls, family cakes and many more, from 250 to 1,600 kg of batter/hour. These turnkey lines are totally automated, from the mixing of the ingredients to the cutting, and include batter and cream mixing, depositing, process table, jam & cream depositing, rolling, layering and cutting.