Tecnopool is based near Venice, Italy. Another family owned business, they specialise in the manufacture of innovative spiral conveying systems which can be used for a variety of applications including cooling, freezing, proving, baking and conveying. Their unique design is not drum driven, but is tier-to-tier, a design choice which provides optimal performance. The belt is a patented system, manufactured entirely in their factory.

  • It is made of stainless steel but with sliding blocks and sliding profiles in self-lubricating plastic, which guarantees prolonged resistance over time without wear.

  • Very flexible layout including low in /low out, due to a special reverse system which allows the infeed and outfeed to be positioned at the same height

  • High conveying speed is achievable

  • Easy and reduced maintenance tasks confined to single drive unit

  • Cleaning tasks are made simple due to improved access to reach every part of the spiral

  • It is suitable for any temperature in a wide range from -40C to 300C.

  • It is available in a variety of widths up to 1400mm which allows optimal layout.

Every plant is designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the expectations of those using it. They are custom made and built to size. The flexibility of the solution makes it possible to configure plants of any kind that are adaptable to any production line.

Tecnopool take care of all details from the conveyor belt, to the temperature control and choice of thermal treatment cabinets. In modular  rooms, the cabinets consist of prefabricated panels with a thickness that varies from 150 to 200 mm. The panels are joined through grooves with special hooks ensure their seal. The main control panel allows the operator to keep everything under control instantly and intuitively.

  • Cooling

    The flexibility of their technology is such that they can develop plants for both ambient cooling and forced-air room cooling, each with distinctive features, each with specific advantages.

  • Freezing

    The know-how they continue to acquire helps guarantee the best technical solutions for the treatment of packaged or bulk food products.

  • Proving

    Their plants are designed for proving in pans, directly on the T-Worth conveyor belt or on special supports, based on the physical features of the food product.

  • Conveying

    As an accessory for their spiral systems, they have developed conveyor belts and auxiliary components that allow them to complete product handling in all the phases of the production cycle, making the process automated exactly to the extent requested by the customer.