Machine Builders and Design (MB&D) are based in N. Carolina USA. MB&D is a family owned business, and has been designing & building the cookie capper for more than 30 years. They have 1000’s of installations worldwide for biscuits & cakes, allowing them to become experts in the depositing of cream, aerated cream, jam, caramel, chocolate, peanut butter & marshmallow for sandwich biscuits.

  • The Cookie Capper

    The Cookie Capper is the core of their business and accepts full oven capacity for depositing or capping. Via cooling conveyors, it aligns, deposits cream, and caps automatically at speeds up to 300 cookie rows (150 rows of sandwiches) per minute. More than one filling can be deposited on the same base thus introducing flexibility in product terms. Fragile and unusual shape products can be handled and no-product-no-deposit features can be added for increased efficiency.

  • The Traypacker

    The Traypacker collates biscuits on edge into slugs of a predetermined count, and drops them into cavities of the tray.

  • The Placepacker

    The Placepacker aligns biscuits into stacks of a predetermined count, and drops them in piles into plastic or paper trays.