Hinds-Bock, based in Portland, USA, manufacture a full range of volumetric depositors for batters with or without particulates. From table top to single-piston to industrial lines, Hinds-Bock design equipment that is easy to clean and operate, and the depositors provide immediate cost-saving.  Features like no-drip and large port openings permit filling of chunky ingredients without crushing.

Table Top and Semi-Automatic Depositors are used for simple applications, providing labour saving for a low investment.

Automatic Universal Batter Depositing Line can be configured to meet your production and plant requirements. It is ideal for high volume bakers or plants with varieties of muffins, cupcakes, cakes, or specialty loaf cakes. Transfer pumps can also be provided.

Batter depositors feature diving positive shut-off spouts for bottom up filling, which prevents stringing or trailing of batters, and allows for clean handling of even the thickest products. Deposit centrelines are adjustable with no extra tooling required. To complete the line, automatic tray placer, paper cup dispenser and dry ingredient depositor are also available

  • Cup / Tray Filling

    Hinds-Bock Cup and Tray Filling Lines are available in single or multiple lanes with varying levels of automation ranging from just a filling machine to complete automated lines including denester, film sealer and  lidder. Hinds-Bock filling machines are ideal for a wide range of products from thin sauces to viscous Guacamole with particulates. Hopper agitation is available to run soups and bottom-up fill option prevents mounding of viscous products.

  • Denesters

    Hinds-Bock Denesters save labour and increase revenue by automatically placing containers on the filling line conveyor. A rotary multi magazine denester loader can be added to further reduce the frequency of reloading containers into the denester. For added versatility, quick change magazines are used for rapid change over from one container to another. Low level sensors notify the operators of the need to reload the denester. Paper cup dispensers for paper cups for muffin applications are also available.

  • High Temperature Fillers

    Are ideal for a wide variety of products such as jams and jellies, soups, sauces, stew, cheese, peanut butter, as well as non-food applications like cosmetics and grease. Many different types of fillers are available for speeds from 15 to 150 containers per minute. Conveyors, complete hot oil or water heated fillers, pumps and self-contained, heated and agitated tanks are available for automated filling.