Doeinghaus Cutting and More, based in Salzkotten, Germany, are a second generation family business, who are specialist designers and manufacturers of ultrasonic cutting applications. They specialise in feeding and positioning as part of the cutting system.

They offer a complete range of fully or semi-automatic ultrasonic cutting and slitting systems for a wide variety of products, including cakes, desserts, confectionery, health & cereal bars, pastries, speciality breads etc.

How much easier it would be to produce baked goods if it were not for the many issues that occur when it comes to cutting. Ultrasonic cutting solves many of these problems and allows products to be cut which might not be possible by conventional cutting. Ultrasonic cutting machines use cutters that vibrate at a frequency of 20 kHz (or higher) thus eliminating pressure and stick-on, and ensuring a clean cut each and every time. Cutting can be set up for continuous or intermittent operations, as well as cutting into portions on trays, in pans and inline applications. Below are some examples of cutters and processes.

  • Ultrasonic Cutting Machine for portioning round cakes

    Machine is equipped with laser positioning to ensure precise cutting. Suitable for cutting up to 180 cakes /hour with a single cutting head, but multiple cutting heads are available for industrial applications

  • Ultrasonic Longitudinal and Cross Cutting

    A combination of ultrasonic longitudinal and cross cutting is used for baked products, or other types of confectionery and snack foods, as well as nutrition and cereal bars,  either fed to the cutters intermittently as pre-cut slabs, or as a continuous inline carpet . The cut products can be spread apart in both direction of travel as well as across the belt, to allow for post cutting processing such as enrobing or for packaging requirements, by means of a freely programmable PLC system. The edge trim on all sides of the slab can be automatically removed downstream from the cutter.