Cavanna, based in Novara, Italy, are a second generation family company with more than 55 years’ experience. They have a widespread presence in 60 countries with more than 5,000 wrappers installed. They are leading designers & manufacturers of a range of equipment based around flow wrapping. Their range includes vertical & horizontal buffers, feeding systems for biscuits, crackers, cakes & specialist applications, flow wrapping, and robotic applications for secondary wrapping.

Cavanna is your partner in designing, building and implementing solutions to meet your challenges. Size changeovers are accomplished following Lean principles and the wide use of colour coded labels as well as step-by-step instructions on the HMI, increase operating standards. “Sanitary design” principles apply to lots of food packaging solutions, enhancing both the cleaning of the line as well as food safety.

Their team will work closely with you to define the perfect mix of performance, flexibility and return on investment. Ongoing innovation in robotics, a continuous improvement mind set and a lean approach to manufacturing allow Cavanna to maximise their offering in the most efficient way. The whole line is designed, built and tested in one factory by a dedicated team, giving the highest warranty in terms of integration and performance.

  • Buffer

    A number of different buffers are available to best suit production requirements. They include horizontal types, single or multiple layer, as well as first in first out tower buffers. Cavanna FIFO buffers have some special and patented technologies that allow a faster speed both at in-feed and out-feed. There are also innovative dynamic buffers.

  • Feeding

    Efficient feeding is essential for high efficiencies. Feeding systems for countline products, slugs and piles of biscuits, individual items and pressure-less systems for fragile products are all available.

  • Wrapping

    Different ranges of wrappers to suit wrapping speeds, wrapping materials and budgets are offered.

  • Collation for Multipack

    Cavanna offer an extremely flexible system for the collation of multipacks. A patented system decouples primary from secondary wrapping and allows a recipe driven change to provide great flexibility in the number of count and number of layers.

  • Robotic applications for filling & forming

    Extremely compact layouts allow full integration with the electronic control of wrapping lines and downstream equipment. Vision robots provide innovative concepts in layout and logic