Axis Automation, based in Wisconsin USA, manufacture sprinkling systems for a diverse range of particulate products such as salt, sugar, grains, flour etc. The sprinkler allows great accuracy for applications like salt on crackers or sugar on biscuits and cakes.

For over 25 years, AXIS Automation Group has developed innovative automation systems. These systems have allowed customers to streamline their manufacturing process, improve product quality and implement labour efficient systems.

  • Topper

    The AXIS Topper is used to sprinkle a variety of products including sugar, salt and particulates. It can also reduce your topping usage and waste considerably. The more accurate your coverage, the less topping is required to achieve the desired results.

  • Duster

    The AXIS Duster is the end result of engineers taking the initiative to push the boundaries and move the process of dispensing fine powders forward.

    Every detail was scrutinised and designed for improved efficiency. The key to increasing your profits is better consistency.

  • Salter

    The AXIS Salter® was designed as a premium, highly precise salt dispensing system. Engineered to operate under the harshest plant environments, the AXIS Salter will deliver consistent accuracy across the width of the line.